Saturday, 24 September 2016

Casual Cosplay Connections: Fall TV Favourites -Supergirl

It's Casual Cosplay Connections time! Hosted by myself and Danielle at Girlie to Nerdy each month we have a different theme to inspire a casual cosplay outfit! There is only one rule and that is the outfit must come from your wardrobe! What is casual cosplay?! It's a fun way to bring your fandoms into your everyday life by putting the essence of your favourite characters into your outfit. It's really open to your interpretation. 
This months theme is Fall TV Favourites. I'm looking forward to the return of Supergirl! Yeah it's cheesy and a not perfect but I'm a sucker for some escapism. Oh and I have major hair envy Melissa Benoist is coiffed to perfection. Here is my Supergirl: 
Putting on a Super tee seemed a smidge too easy and a bit of a cheat so I layered it with a long red top to give the illusion of a skirt. Then the classic jeans and boots combo and I'm done. 
But every good Superhero has a alter ego! A normal everyday Joe or in this case Kara to conceal there secret identity! 
So here is my take on Kara Danvers! Preppy and professional is her style at CatCo so I went with this pretty bee print blouse, skirt and flats. 
To complete my look I changed my hair and put on some glasses and now I'm completely unrecognisable! 
Of course I just had to do this shot. 
Jasper is looking forward to the return of The Flash! 
Much love
Charlie xx

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Casual Cosplay Connections: Strong Female Character

It's that time of the month again!!! No not that one.... The good one where we all get to dress up and have fun!! Casual Cosplay Connections is a blog link up hosted by myself and Danielle 
Check out the original post here! This months theme is Strong Female Character! 

Ah, Buffy. Buffy was my first fandom and where casual cosplay started with me!! I idolised this girl who looked like she couldn't hurt a fly but regularly kicked butt and save the world. Like me at high school she didn't fit in but she didn't care she had her friends and they had her back. She was cute, flawed, funny, she made mistakes and learned from them!! God I love her. So I started to dress like her in the hope I'd also get some of her strength. So I absolutely HAD to give off some Buffy vibes this month. 
I've gone for classic black base layer! Buffy loved a vest top and heels!! 
Of course I had to accessorise with my cross and heart earrings!! 
Make up I kept bright and girly because Buffster was at heart a girly girl! 
I added this fun jacket because although Buffy saved the world a lot she didn't always wear the most practical outfits!! 

Loved dressing like Buffy! I didn't save the world but I did win the pub quiz!! 
Don't forget to tag us in!! We love to see your looks!!

Much love
Charlie xx

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

HLHT - Vision Varnish

Taking advantage of Jaspers naps I've managed to do some more nerdy nails! This is my Vision inspired manicure. It's super simple and looks very sophisticated!

I'm using my gel varnish kit but it will work just as well with normal varnish just make sure you leave time to dry! 
You need: 
Maroon Nail Varnish 
Gold Nail Varnish 
Dotting tool (if you don't have one a cocktail stick will work too) 

First up paint your nails in the base colour Maroon.

Next with the dotting tool place a gold dot at the base of each nail. Which as you can probably guess represents the Mind Stone.

It looks pretty if you leave it like that but I decided to add a feature nail just to break up the pattern. 

Cover with a top cost and ta dah!! 

Geeky yet glamorous nails! 

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial. If you have any suggestions  for future nerdy nails do let me know and I'll give it my best shot!! 

Much love
Charlie xx 

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Casual Cosplay Connections - Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory

Here is the second installment of CCC a monthly blog link up brought to you with my blogging buddy Danielle from Thanks to everyone who took part last time all of your outfits looked great! The original post and full list of themes can be found here. This  month it's 90's Cartoons! I had loads of ideas!! However I was limited by what clothes my post baby belly could fit into. I really wanted to be Dee Dee from Dexters lab! Being a younger sister I always enjoyed tormenting my big sis and Dee Dee gets on everyone of Dexter's nerves!!! 

When I decided on Dee Dee I started my outfit from the shoes up. She loves to dance around the lab and wears a pink ballet outfit so I had to wear my most balletic pumps. 

A pink flowery top and burgundy jeans show Dee Dee's affection for the colour pink! 

My hair of course was in Dee Dee's classic bunches! Make up and accessories I kept cute and girlie. Pink shimmery eyes and lips with cute heart jewellery. 

I'm so pleased how this outfit turned out and I managed to right ONE blog post this month since my wardrobe and time are limited at the moment! Mummy win!! 

Jasper was feeling left out so I said he could be my Dexter! 

Much Love
Charlie xx

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Casual Cosplay Conections - Super Mario

So I wasn't planning on playing along today due to the fact I have a 3 day old son!!! However I have had such a positive experience on the blog through out my pregnancy. I've been celebrating my bump, through my casual cosplay and thanks to all the lovely comments I've received I felt super confident. So I decided I had to join in with my post baby body too. Body positivity is really important to me so here I am doing my bit!! **Please  excuse the shortness of the post I have until Jasper wakes!**

So for my first Casual Cosplay Connection I'm Super Mario!! Such fond memories of playing this game at my BFFs house after school.

Classic red and blue are the heroic plumbers signature colours!

I added a red hair band instead of a hat.

And accessorised with my M&M earrings.

Hope you enjoyed the first Casual Cosplay Connections and my super quick post.

Much Love
Charlie x

Saturday, 11 June 2016

OOTD - Mr Smee

Here is a quick and fun casual cosplay I did this week! I'm Mr Smee from Disney's Peter Pan! We even have the same tummy at the moment! 

Base layer is a striped t shirt and blue jeans. Had I not been preggers I would have worn my brown sandals but my feet are too far away at the moment! So I'm wearing my comfy trainers which is why I've chopped them out of the picture! 

For my make up I did my favourite blue eyeliner and shimmery red lips. 

Gold coin earnings reminded me of pirate treasure. They are Roman coins I got in a museum gift shop! 

Lastly I added my trusty red cardigan! I wanted to add the accent colour of Mr Smee's hat without having to wear a hat on this lovely warm day! 

I hope you like my outfit. I didn't plan to do this one I just realised as I was getting dressed I looked like a pirate! So I went with it. 

Much love 
Charlie xx 

Monday, 6 June 2016

Casual Cosplay Connections - Themes 2016

Danielle and I are super excited to start this project. We are both looking forward to seeing how all our fellow bloggers interpret the monthly prompts.
Danielle looking awesome as Luna Lovegood
The only rule to take part in CCC is that the outfit has to come from your wardrobe!
You don't have to be in the picture. You can dress someone else or flat lay your outfit if you want to take part but hate to have your picture taken!  But please no using apps like Polyvore or stock images. 

Outfits should be posted on the last Saturday of every month. 
Themes are broad so you can really put your own spin on things and have fun with it.
Me as Sherlock at Sherlocked!
Monthly Themes

June 25th - Video Games
With characters that range from cute to kick ass what will you choose? 

July 30th - 90's Cartoons
Time to get retro. 

August 27th - Strong Female Character.
A homage to the women who inspire us. 

September 24th - Fall TV Favourites 
Show us what TV show your looking forward to coming back! 

October 29th - Monsters
Get spooky and scary.

November 26th - Gender Bender
Take your favourite character, flip their gender, look awesome. 

December 31st - Geek Glam
Your best party outfit with a geeky twist. 

Please tag us into your posts. 
Danielle - From Girlie To Nerdy - Instagram and Twitter
Charlie - Happy Little Geek - Instagram and Twitter

We can't wait to see all your outfits! 

Much love 
Charlie xx